Your Perfect Date Night

Your Perfect Date Night

When the weight of the world’s problems begin to spill from your shoulders and leak onto your romantic relationship, there’s no better idea than the perfect date for you and your honey. When your love-life is in need of a stress relief, plan one of these 3 date night ideas, slip into the ideal outfit, and save money while doing it!

The Classic Dinner

Your date night certainly doesn’t have to revolve around a dinner table, but it’s never a bad idea! Dinner with your darling is the perfect opportunity to sit down, relax, and take the time to discuss things other than finances or work. Choose a restaurant that is fairly private and preferably designed for romantic evenings. Use Groupon Pages to find the perfect setting for your date night and snag a great deal while you’re at it! The best part about Groupon Pages (aside from the discounted prices) is that all of the details you need are in one place. Check out this page for , an upscale restaurant that offers private dining.

For an ensemble to fit the evening, opt for a classy, flattering black number with colored heals and a sultry smoky eye!

The Fun Kind

Whether you’re a wife, a fiancé, or a girlfriend, you can be the fun kind with one memorable date night! For a night that you and your better half can both enjoy, attend a local comedy club, plan a date weekend in a hotel downtown, or play a game of mini golf! Do a Groupon search for a list of entertaining activities in your area, grab a coupon, and leave your worries at home. Top off the night with a favorite or totally new restaurant. For one of the most popular restaurants on Groupon with a fun and exciting atmosphere, check out Scott’s Seafood Folsom.

The last thing you’ll want to worry about is a wardrobe malfunction. For a comfortable, yet stylish outfit, go for a skinny jean and blazer combo with a graphic tee and some low heels!

A Night In

Date nights at home are comfortable and low on cost! Pick up your favorite bottle of wine, have dinner delivered to your door from a common favorite like Domino’s, and settle in for a movie marathon. If you’d rather, go for something a little more interesting like making your own sushi or engaging in a night of games (cough, cough strip poker.) In fact, play his favorite game – yes, I do mean that video game that you wish didn’t exist. You may have more fun with it than you think!

For a comfortable, casual outfit that he’ll go crazy for, slip on a tank top and your favorite pajama shorts, style your hair in a way that’s just wavy enough to look natural, and keep the makeup light!

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