Slovenia: A Must-Visit European Country For The Ultimate Family Vacation

Slovenia: A Must-Visit European Country For The Ultimate Family Vacation

Slovenia is a small country in Europe, which has a mixed culture of Italian, Austrian, and Slavic. If you are a festival connoisseur visiting nearby places like Croatia to attend world-famous festivals like Ultra Europe, then you can drive down to Slovenia as well, which is home to innumerable festivals throughout the year. There are many other reasons why one must visit Slovenia, few of which are listed below.

  • World’s Best Ice Creams

You can taste the world’s best ice cream in Slovenia. It is the perfect destination for the ice cream lovers. In 2015, a Ljubljana-based ice cream parlor, Lolita won the ‘World’s Best Ice Cream’ award. Likewise, there are many other parlors in Slovenia, which won different awards for the ice creams they prepare.

  • Road Trip-Friendly

Since the country is very small, you don’t tend to stay long on the roads, but still, the roads in Slovenia are well maintained and have clear signage. During your road trips, there are plenty of vacation homes and resorts along the way where you can rest overnight before resuming your journey.

Apart from these reasons, the splendid places to visit here add more to the list of reasons. Here are few such places.

  • Julian Alps Mountain Range

Tourists can visit the magnificent Julian Alps mountain range from Kranjska Gora. This place is picture perfect and you shouldn’t miss it. The wildflowers are the biggest attraction of Julian Alps Mountain Range. If you plan to visit this mountain range, autumn would be the best season.

  • Bled

This is another incredibly scenic place in Slovenia, which is a tiny island between the mountains. You can reach this island by boarding a plenta or renting your own rowing boat. The distance from the mountains to this island is around 6-Km.

  • Maribor

Maribor is one of the beautiful places to visit in Slovenia after Ljubljana. It is close to the Austrian border and is built along the Drava river banks. This place is well known for its wine growing industries and has endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.

  • Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is the right fit for winter sports enthusiasts. Tourists who love ski diving and snowboard enthusiasts can take advantage of this place. Interestingly, one can rent mountain bikes to tour around this area and the world-class restaurants here are highly appealing to the travellers.

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