How to Create Your Own XMAS Card on the iPad

How to Create Your Own XMAS Card on the iPad

To pass along those warm, fuzzy feelings, I like to carve out a little time every month to send a note to someone I care about. Whether we’re celebrating a birthday, holiday, or just saying hello from afar, I always find a reason to send a personalized card.

Using my iPad makes personalization fast and easy. Here I’ll show you how I create unique greeting cards using the Bamboo Stylus fineline on my iPad.

1. Think About Your Recipient

Creating something truly personal starts with the recipient! Begin by answering a few basic questions about who will be reading your greeting.

Who is this card for? What is she celebrating? When is the event?

Today, I’m creating a birthday card for my sister’s birthday in September. Since we live in different states and cannot celebrate in person, I want to make sure she gets something fun in the mail.

2. Brainstorm & Sketch

Next, get the creative wheels turning with a quick brainstorming session. Sketch out the words and images you might want to use on this card. Explore different brushes and play with colors. I like to sketch out all my ideas on the same page — like one big collage of ideas.

While you’re sketching, think about what themes, ideas, symbols, and colors you might want to use.

What does she like? What are her favorite color combinations? What might make her laugh?

3. Create Your Card

Now that the creativity is flowing and you have a few good ideas in your notebook, it’s time to make that card! Start a new page in your notebook so you can refer back to your sketches as much as you like.

I like to start with the message first and build around it with visuals. For this card, I wanted a nice, rich blue background. To achieve this look, I use the Brush pen all over the page before I wrote a word. It takes a little time, but the results are worth it!

Next, I tested out a few different brushes for the words. I found most success using the Eraser tool for the White text and the Brush Pen at its thickest setting for the Navy text.

It was feeling a little lonely, so I incorporated a few accent shapes and colors. Candy in bright yellow (a nod to the “treat”) and a few more shapes.

4. Add the Finishing Touches

Before I save my design, I take one final look. Does the card have good balance?What is missing? What could stand out more?

Erase any unwanted marks or add a few new ones. Here I used the Brush Pen to throw a little pink onto the candies — just for a little pop.

5. Save It & Send It

Your new card is ready to go. Use the Share button to save your work. I like to use either Wacom Dropzone or Dropbox so it’s easily accessible on my laptop.

While there are plenty of ways to share my cards, printing is my favoritemethod. I typically print on-off cards (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) at home using a laser jet and a decent card stock or photo paper. Uploading a card to a professional printer is great, too, but I like to reserve it for holiday cards or invitations.

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